Burning Dragon Age

Back to Broderick Hold

The party spent two months with the cabal at the elven tower, until Patrick finished with the basics of White Fire. They then headed back to Broderick Hold. There they tried to evaluate the situation, only to find the fort was now filled with genlocks, and the walls were decorated with the heads of the former occupants. They tried to infiltrate the castle, but were caught as Patrick was boosted over the wall. Patrick decided to head in, while Deeps and Orin decided that discretion was now the better part of valor.

Down with the Templar

Patrick decided that there was no more running, and went for it. A quick lunge out of the smoke caught Broderick completely off guard, and Patrick’s enchanted palm slid between the armor plates on Broderick’s leg. Down the knight went, comiting into his faceplate, groaning and gurgling on the ground. Patrick stabbed him several more times, then grabbed his medalliion, stripped him of his armor and weapons, and left Broderick to die. After quickly looting the Alpha, he ran off into the woods to wait for daybreak.

Without too much hastle, Patrick returned to Amarath’s gang. WIth his task done, they initiated him into their circle, the Order of Tevinter. They then turned to focus on maintaining their hold in the protected grove. In the next two months, Patrick made quick work of mastering the basics of white fire under Amarath’s tutelage.

Charge on the Chantry

While Zef and two archers worked on lighting the Chantry on fire, the rest of the party charged up the hill. Several groups of genlocks emerged, one group to deal with the fire, another charging the archers. Oren carrying the table protected the group from being shot, and they burst screaming into the Chantry. Broderick led his men in the fray, but the Alpha singled out Patrick, and charged right at him. Patrick managed to cast a powerful Havock’s Hand, but the Alpha put him out of the fight with a minor injury. Luckily, Broderick turned the tide, but the Alpha escaped with reinforcements. Broderick saw Patrick’s magic at play again, and immediately got heated about it. Patrick tried to get him to loot the temple, but Broderick was focused on the Alpha and insisted they charge after it. Patrick stayed, everyone else went.

Patrick dug through the Chantry to find a small cellar, where he grabbed some assorted coins and an amulet from a reliquary. He added to his battered state as he struggled out of the now ablaze Chantry.

Powering up the magic, Patrick enveloped himself in the Grey Cloak, and went stalking for the Alpha and Broderick. He found the two isolated amidst a chaotic battlefield. In the darkness and smoke, surrounded by Grey Cloak, Patrick snuck up on the Alpha and murdered him while in the middle of a duel with Broderick. Broderick, unable to spot Patrick, but well aware who was about, took a defensive stance, and challenged the ‘witch’.

NB: Patrick was the only PC present

Solving the Wayside Problem

The party interceded on Patrick’s behalf, and initially an agreement was made to deal with the situation after Wayside had been cleared, and with an agreement that Patrick would not talk to Broderick. This agreement broke, and a duel of wits ensued. Patrick and company tried to convince Broderick that Patrick was really a circle mage and in good standing, while Broderick demanded Patrick’s execution. The two parties managed to shout each other down, to the point that Broderick did not get his execution, but refuses to trust Patrick in any way shape or form.

The group then began a plan for assaulting the Temple on the hill overlooking the village, where the lead genlock was hiding out. They assembled the archers, and Oren grabbed a large table to use as a shield while they advanced. Zef was also to set the Temple on fire. It took some work to convince the villagers, who were quite offended by this suggestion, but the strategy was accepted by Broderick as rather practical.

The war party then moved out.

To Wayside

The party finally regrouped, and as they are about to break camp, they are attacked by a group of genlocks. Their guide bolts into the forest, to be chased after by a group of the genlocks. The party dispatched the genlocks attacking their camp, then rushed after the group in the forest. After an exchange of bow fire, the genlocks managed to make off with the old man, and the party was left guideless.

Zef relied on his wolf again, who aided the group in tracking out of the woods, and to Wayside. Here the group was met with a new challenge. The village center was clearly braced for a siege, and sizable groups of genlocks were encamped on either side of the roadway, out of bowshot of the village. Zef snuck into a ruined house to get a better look around, and dispatched the genlock scout hiding there. The others decided to make a run for it, and outpaced the genlocks as they bolted across the clear ground. The genlocks withdrew and let them into the fortified village hall.

In the hall, the villagers were faced off with Broderick, who was protecting an old woman. The vollagers wanted to kill her as a witch, whereas he said he’d know a witch if he saw one and she was no such thing. The party intervened, intimidating the villagers into backing down. As they inventoried what they had available in the hall, Patrick approached Broderick, and asked him for some of his blood so he could work some enchantments. Incensed, Broderick accused Patrick of being a warlock, and readied his blade to exact justice.

Assassins in the Woods

Zef and Patrick followed Zef’s hound into the woods, and chased down a couple of genlocks. The genlocks were meeting up with a pair of shrieks, skinny lightly armored darkspawn assassins. After a tense fight, they put everyone to the sword. They tried to save a shriek to attempt to interrogate it, but it died of its wounds. They recovered a scrap of paper, however, with the image of Lord Broderick on it, and a map to the village of Wayside.

Sidetracked in the Dark Woods

Patrick and Zefarath got lost in the woods. Oren, Deeps and crew were right behind them… or was it ahead? In any case, there was a bonfire up ahead, and the vague shadow of a small tower. Time to investigate.

Zef skirted the bonfire and stayed hidden while Patrick marched right up and introduced himself. The seven robed mages kept changing while one of them carefully broke from the circle. Amarath didn’t introduce himself, just told Patrick to be gone. Patrick insisted on being taught. The argument dragged on, Amarath wanting Patrick to leave and say nothing of the place, while Patrick kept insisting he be taught. Both sides cited the presence of Templars, and while Amarath argued that Patrick couldn’t be trusted Patrick pointed out he was an apostate too. Eventually, both sides having exhausted their arguments, Amarath settled on allowing Patrick back if Patrick killed the local arsehole of a Templar, Broderick.

Just then, a volley of arrows flew out of the trees, with a troupe of genlocks having snuck up on the camp. Patrick’s armor deflected a shot, but one of the mages in the circles was shot and tumbled into the bonfire, while another took a shot in the kidney. Patrick and Amarath scrambled for cover, the genlocks and Zef held, and with everyone scrambling, arrows and spells were blasted everywhere. Another mage went down with an arrow through the head, while Patrick and Zef’s return fire managed to put one genlock down. Then Amarath threw back his head, and searing white fire blew a genlock into paste. The genlocks were momentarily outmaneuvered, and Zef and Amarath both dropped a genlock. Finally Patrick charged, and up close blasted the remaining two with Shards, and those genlocks were cut down while still reeling in pain.

Amarath then finally introduced himself and shook hands with the newcomers. Zef volunteered to tend the wounded, and with some serious effort, managed to somewhat stabilize the one mage who had ended up with two arrows in his back.

Patrick joined the circle, and helped finish the spell that the circle was casting. A series of glowing runes lit up on the tower, and a glowing fog began to roll out of the ground to cover the area. A thin web of glow also ran up Patrick’s skin. With that, the ritual was complete.

The duo was invited to stay with Amarath’s group for the night, and Zef decided to make some moves, and seduced the one female member of the group.

The next morning, they headed out, and with Zef’s dog, Ozzie’s lead, they managed to find the rest of the party.

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Lend us Troops!
...and Blight infected arrows

The Lady Francoise confronted Oren and Deeps, and indicated that she wants them to stay and defend the Fort rather than try to rescue her husband. Oren and Deeps didn’t want to get involved in an argument without Zeferath and Patrick.

Zeferath was hassling guards about the whereabouts of Lord Broderick, but they only gave up some basic info, and Zeferath didn’t press the issue. Patrick on the other hand decided to bribe the guard for some juicy info to blackmail the blacksmith into letting them use the forge. The guard, feeling properly compensated, revealed that the blacksmith had made a skeleton key for Lady Francoise’s chastity belt.

Oren and Deeps hollered for Zeferath and Patrick to join them, so the group joined up and went to deal with Lady Francoise. Zeferath tried to negotiate with her on how much she’d be willing to pay while helping her out with treating the injured archer. There was some inuendo flying back and forth, but in the end Zeferath, nor the rest of the team, wanted to get tied down in the fort doing guard duty. Instead, they moved to a duel of wits trying to convince Francine to let archers come with them.

Deeps took fore, and stared down Francoise for trying to weasel out of protecting her husband. Both parties tried to talk about trivial points, until Francoise tried to feint the group into agreeing that the Fort was already defensible, Patrick’s point sailed through about more men is just better. Francoise made a point about everyone already being at the Fort, but Oren dismissed her argument by demanding she stop stalling and send forth the troops.

Francoise relented, ordering two of the archers to join the party heading out to rescue Lord Broderick.

In the night, rather than rest, Patrick and Zeferath decided to to make a move on the blacksmith, and he relented when confronted with their dirty secrets. They dragged in a genlock corpse, and using a spoon and some cups Patrick distilled the blighted essence of the creature. As Zeferath knocked out a handful of arrows, Patrick enchanted the lot with the essence of the blight, so the arrows would infect anyone struck by them.

Next morning, on the way out, Oren tried to get a guard at the gate to join the team by lying and telling him Francoise had told Oren that the guard was to come with them. The guard took the lie for what it was and decided to go report to Francoise instead. Meanwhile the party, bolstered by two archers, headed out.

Into the Field!

The two groups, Patrick and Zeferath, and Oren and Deeps, meet at the gates. Zeferath quickly annoys the guards by trying to intimidate them into letting them in, which they refuse. Instead, Deeps and Oren sally forth, and the whole crew, plus the archers, take the field against the darkspawn.

The crew of four, led by Patrick and his indominable steel charge forth to try to get to the refugees before the genlocks do. The archers in the meanwhile stand in a supporting position raining arrows on the genlocks. Arrows fly, and Patrick narrowly avoids injury as arrows bounce off his armor, while Zeferath takes down one of the genlocks. The archers trade casualties with the genlocks as well, but hold them at bay. With the refugees secured, the team beats a hasty retreat, only for Patrick to get pinned to the ground by an arrow!

The team has to turn around, and a bloody fight ensues around Patrick. Deeps leads the charge, and the genlocks are overmatched, slaughtered to the last. The archers at the same time manage to outposition their opponents, and in a hail of arrows cut down all but two of the remaining genlocks, who decide to beat a retreat.

Back at the Fort, Zeferath and Patrick try to get the blacksmith to let them use his equipment, but his asking price is too high. They try to persuade him with a little bit of the old intimidation, but he throws them out instead refusing to even accept payment.

In the meanwhile, the injured archer is layed out in the main hall. Oren and Deeps try to convince the archers to come with them, but they point, and say they must defer to the Lady of the Fort.


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