Burning Dragon Age

Into the Field!

The two groups, Patrick and Zeferath, and Oren and Deeps, meet at the gates. Zeferath quickly annoys the guards by trying to intimidate them into letting them in, which they refuse. Instead, Deeps and Oren sally forth, and the whole crew, plus the archers, take the field against the darkspawn.

The crew of four, led by Patrick and his indominable steel charge forth to try to get to the refugees before the genlocks do. The archers in the meanwhile stand in a supporting position raining arrows on the genlocks. Arrows fly, and Patrick narrowly avoids injury as arrows bounce off his armor, while Zeferath takes down one of the genlocks. The archers trade casualties with the genlocks as well, but hold them at bay. With the refugees secured, the team beats a hasty retreat, only for Patrick to get pinned to the ground by an arrow!

The team has to turn around, and a bloody fight ensues around Patrick. Deeps leads the charge, and the genlocks are overmatched, slaughtered to the last. The archers at the same time manage to outposition their opponents, and in a hail of arrows cut down all but two of the remaining genlocks, who decide to beat a retreat.

Back at the Fort, Zeferath and Patrick try to get the blacksmith to let them use his equipment, but his asking price is too high. They try to persuade him with a little bit of the old intimidation, but he throws them out instead refusing to even accept payment.

In the meanwhile, the injured archer is layed out in the main hall. Oren and Deeps try to convince the archers to come with them, but they point, and say they must defer to the Lady of the Fort.


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