Burning Dragon Age

Lend us Troops!

...and Blight infected arrows

The Lady Francoise confronted Oren and Deeps, and indicated that she wants them to stay and defend the Fort rather than try to rescue her husband. Oren and Deeps didn’t want to get involved in an argument without Zeferath and Patrick.

Zeferath was hassling guards about the whereabouts of Lord Broderick, but they only gave up some basic info, and Zeferath didn’t press the issue. Patrick on the other hand decided to bribe the guard for some juicy info to blackmail the blacksmith into letting them use the forge. The guard, feeling properly compensated, revealed that the blacksmith had made a skeleton key for Lady Francoise’s chastity belt.

Oren and Deeps hollered for Zeferath and Patrick to join them, so the group joined up and went to deal with Lady Francoise. Zeferath tried to negotiate with her on how much she’d be willing to pay while helping her out with treating the injured archer. There was some inuendo flying back and forth, but in the end Zeferath, nor the rest of the team, wanted to get tied down in the fort doing guard duty. Instead, they moved to a duel of wits trying to convince Francine to let archers come with them.

Deeps took fore, and stared down Francoise for trying to weasel out of protecting her husband. Both parties tried to talk about trivial points, until Francoise tried to feint the group into agreeing that the Fort was already defensible, Patrick’s point sailed through about more men is just better. Francoise made a point about everyone already being at the Fort, but Oren dismissed her argument by demanding she stop stalling and send forth the troops.

Francoise relented, ordering two of the archers to join the party heading out to rescue Lord Broderick.

In the night, rather than rest, Patrick and Zeferath decided to to make a move on the blacksmith, and he relented when confronted with their dirty secrets. They dragged in a genlock corpse, and using a spoon and some cups Patrick distilled the blighted essence of the creature. As Zeferath knocked out a handful of arrows, Patrick enchanted the lot with the essence of the blight, so the arrows would infect anyone struck by them.

Next morning, on the way out, Oren tried to get a guard at the gate to join the team by lying and telling him Francoise had told Oren that the guard was to come with them. The guard took the lie for what it was and decided to go report to Francoise instead. Meanwhile the party, bolstered by two archers, headed out.


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