Burning Dragon Age

Sidetracked in the Dark Woods

Patrick and Zefarath got lost in the woods. Oren, Deeps and crew were right behind them… or was it ahead? In any case, there was a bonfire up ahead, and the vague shadow of a small tower. Time to investigate.

Zef skirted the bonfire and stayed hidden while Patrick marched right up and introduced himself. The seven robed mages kept changing while one of them carefully broke from the circle. Amarath didn’t introduce himself, just told Patrick to be gone. Patrick insisted on being taught. The argument dragged on, Amarath wanting Patrick to leave and say nothing of the place, while Patrick kept insisting he be taught. Both sides cited the presence of Templars, and while Amarath argued that Patrick couldn’t be trusted Patrick pointed out he was an apostate too. Eventually, both sides having exhausted their arguments, Amarath settled on allowing Patrick back if Patrick killed the local arsehole of a Templar, Broderick.

Just then, a volley of arrows flew out of the trees, with a troupe of genlocks having snuck up on the camp. Patrick’s armor deflected a shot, but one of the mages in the circles was shot and tumbled into the bonfire, while another took a shot in the kidney. Patrick and Amarath scrambled for cover, the genlocks and Zef held, and with everyone scrambling, arrows and spells were blasted everywhere. Another mage went down with an arrow through the head, while Patrick and Zef’s return fire managed to put one genlock down. Then Amarath threw back his head, and searing white fire blew a genlock into paste. The genlocks were momentarily outmaneuvered, and Zef and Amarath both dropped a genlock. Finally Patrick charged, and up close blasted the remaining two with Shards, and those genlocks were cut down while still reeling in pain.

Amarath then finally introduced himself and shook hands with the newcomers. Zef volunteered to tend the wounded, and with some serious effort, managed to somewhat stabilize the one mage who had ended up with two arrows in his back.

Patrick joined the circle, and helped finish the spell that the circle was casting. A series of glowing runes lit up on the tower, and a glowing fog began to roll out of the ground to cover the area. A thin web of glow also ran up Patrick’s skin. With that, the ritual was complete.

The duo was invited to stay with Amarath’s group for the night, and Zef decided to make some moves, and seduced the one female member of the group.

The next morning, they headed out, and with Zef’s dog, Ozzie’s lead, they managed to find the rest of the party.


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