Burning Dragon Age

To Wayside

The party finally regrouped, and as they are about to break camp, they are attacked by a group of genlocks. Their guide bolts into the forest, to be chased after by a group of the genlocks. The party dispatched the genlocks attacking their camp, then rushed after the group in the forest. After an exchange of bow fire, the genlocks managed to make off with the old man, and the party was left guideless.

Zef relied on his wolf again, who aided the group in tracking out of the woods, and to Wayside. Here the group was met with a new challenge. The village center was clearly braced for a siege, and sizable groups of genlocks were encamped on either side of the roadway, out of bowshot of the village. Zef snuck into a ruined house to get a better look around, and dispatched the genlock scout hiding there. The others decided to make a run for it, and outpaced the genlocks as they bolted across the clear ground. The genlocks withdrew and let them into the fortified village hall.

In the hall, the villagers were faced off with Broderick, who was protecting an old woman. The vollagers wanted to kill her as a witch, whereas he said he’d know a witch if he saw one and she was no such thing. The party intervened, intimidating the villagers into backing down. As they inventoried what they had available in the hall, Patrick approached Broderick, and asked him for some of his blood so he could work some enchantments. Incensed, Broderick accused Patrick of being a warlock, and readied his blade to exact justice.


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