Burning Dragon Age

And the four shall meet

Patrick and Zeferath try to meet up in the woods, only to find their meeting spot occupied by genlocks. The genlocks also have a human captive in tow. Patrick exhausts himself pulling up Turn aside Blade, and then Zeferath and Patrick execute an ambush. The genlocks are slaughtered wholesale, and they rescue the emaciated prisoner. They head off to the nearby Fort of Lord Broderick.

At said Fort, Deeps and Oren are hoping for something exciting to happen. Oren makes his own excitement, and wagers his precious shield in a game of dice with the blacksmith for a suit of armor and a weapon. Oren uses cheaty dwarven tricks, and ends up with a lot of loot and a very annoyed blacksmith.

The excitement then arrives, as a group of a dozen or so genlocks arrive at the edge of the woods, chasing a ragtag group of refugees. The refugees take shelter in a ditch, while the genlocks pin them down with arrows, in a one sided standoff. Oren and Deeps try to round up some help, and succeed in thoroughly intimidating the Fort’s six archers into getting into the field to help rescue the refugees.

Just about that time, Patrick and Zeferath show up, Zaferath carrying his rescued maiden.


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