Burning Dragon Age

Solving the Wayside Problem

The party interceded on Patrick’s behalf, and initially an agreement was made to deal with the situation after Wayside had been cleared, and with an agreement that Patrick would not talk to Broderick. This agreement broke, and a duel of wits ensued. Patrick and company tried to convince Broderick that Patrick was really a circle mage and in good standing, while Broderick demanded Patrick’s execution. The two parties managed to shout each other down, to the point that Broderick did not get his execution, but refuses to trust Patrick in any way shape or form.

The group then began a plan for assaulting the Temple on the hill overlooking the village, where the lead genlock was hiding out. They assembled the archers, and Oren grabbed a large table to use as a shield while they advanced. Zef was also to set the Temple on fire. It took some work to convince the villagers, who were quite offended by this suggestion, but the strategy was accepted by Broderick as rather practical.

The war party then moved out.


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