Burning Dragon Age

Charge on the Chantry

While Zef and two archers worked on lighting the Chantry on fire, the rest of the party charged up the hill. Several groups of genlocks emerged, one group to deal with the fire, another charging the archers. Oren carrying the table protected the group from being shot, and they burst screaming into the Chantry. Broderick led his men in the fray, but the Alpha singled out Patrick, and charged right at him. Patrick managed to cast a powerful Havock’s Hand, but the Alpha put him out of the fight with a minor injury. Luckily, Broderick turned the tide, but the Alpha escaped with reinforcements. Broderick saw Patrick’s magic at play again, and immediately got heated about it. Patrick tried to get him to loot the temple, but Broderick was focused on the Alpha and insisted they charge after it. Patrick stayed, everyone else went.

Patrick dug through the Chantry to find a small cellar, where he grabbed some assorted coins and an amulet from a reliquary. He added to his battered state as he struggled out of the now ablaze Chantry.

Powering up the magic, Patrick enveloped himself in the Grey Cloak, and went stalking for the Alpha and Broderick. He found the two isolated amidst a chaotic battlefield. In the darkness and smoke, surrounded by Grey Cloak, Patrick snuck up on the Alpha and murdered him while in the middle of a duel with Broderick. Broderick, unable to spot Patrick, but well aware who was about, took a defensive stance, and challenged the ‘witch’.

NB: Patrick was the only PC present


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