Burning Dragon Age

Down with the Templar

Patrick decided that there was no more running, and went for it. A quick lunge out of the smoke caught Broderick completely off guard, and Patrick’s enchanted palm slid between the armor plates on Broderick’s leg. Down the knight went, comiting into his faceplate, groaning and gurgling on the ground. Patrick stabbed him several more times, then grabbed his medalliion, stripped him of his armor and weapons, and left Broderick to die. After quickly looting the Alpha, he ran off into the woods to wait for daybreak.

Without too much hastle, Patrick returned to Amarath’s gang. WIth his task done, they initiated him into their circle, the Order of Tevinter. They then turned to focus on maintaining their hold in the protected grove. In the next two months, Patrick made quick work of mastering the basics of white fire under Amarath’s tutelage.


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